Soliton Inc. (SOLY) Preparing Itself To Sell RAP Technology After FDA Clearance

Soliton Inc. (SOLY) announced signing of a sales and distribution agreement with Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. Soliton is a manufacturer of medical devices which holds a novel and proprietary aesthetic platform technology. The company is in plans of commercially launching its Rapid Acoustic Pulse (RAP) device and advanced design cartridges in the United States. The launch is likely to be occurred in the first half of next year. It joined hands with Aesthetic Solutions for distribution of those products during initial commercial launch in the country.

Aesthetic Solutions’ team will primarily focus on and will try placing the RAP devices in practices of the physicians. Health professionals, especially those engaged in treatment of patients for tattoo removal and cellulite reduction will be the main target of that placement strategy. The launch and distribution of the device is subject to clearance from Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The team of Aesthetic Solutions will be looking after the sales and service of the RAP device in initial launch. After establishing sales team of its own, Soliton will then directly sell the device across the country.

In COVID-19 Adjusted Commercialization Strategy, Soliton was in plan to incorporate the RAP device for indication of both tattoo removal and the cellulite reduction. But the device’s clearance is pending at FDA because of cellulite indication feature.

Christopher Capelli, MD is founder, President and CEO of Soliton. He called it energizing to have strategic distribution plan for initial commercial launch of RAP device. Aesthetic Solutions for having extraordinary reputation in the industry will be beneficial for Soliton. It will make positive results for the device among dermatologists. Those having long term relations with their patients will be playing important role in opinion making.

The FDA has not yet given a clearance to Soliton for its cellulite reduction technology of the RAP device. For the reason, company is still unable to sell RAP technology in the country for indication of cellulite reduction.