Ideal Power Inc. (IPWR) Partnered With Diversified Technologies For B-TRAN Enabled DC Circuit Breaker

    Ideal Power Inc. (IPWR) recently awarded a B-TRAN devices supply contract by Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI).  Ideal Power is a pioneer I development and commercialization of highly efficient and broadly patented bi-directional power switches under trade mark B-TRAN.

    The contract awarded to Ideal Power involves an amount of $1.2 million which is part of a two-year contract worth $3.0 million awarded by the United States Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to DTI.

    The NAVSEA awarded the contract for development of high efficiency 12kV medium voltage direct current (MVDC) circuit breakers enabled by B-TRAN.  The objective is the demonstration of those circuit breakers in ship electrification program of the U.S. Navy.

    The Department of Defense has formed Rapid Innovation Fund to increase the efforts of commercializing of such technologies which are of high value as well as impact, and the current project is part of those efforts.

    Ideal Power’s B-TRAN technology helps establishing technology for MVDC circuit breakers providing high efficiency. Ideal Power is in believes that conduction loss by B-TRAN is less than half of the loss make conventional semiconductor power switches like insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).

    Devices conducts electricity and dissipates heat continuously while connected to an MVDC circuit breaker further highlights the importance of B-TRAN’s low conduction loss. Resultantly B-TRANs provide them with simpler, cheaper and more compact thermal management and higher energy efficiency solution.

    Moreover, B-TRAN’s switching speed is 100 to 200 times faster than that of conventional mechanical circuit breakers, means more protection of connected power distribution system.

    DTI is in plans of launching a line-up of B-TRAN integrated MVDC circuit breaker products as a result of the NAVSEA’s demonstration.

    The industrial and utility DC networks market is likely to cross $12 billion mark by 2024, as anticipating MarketsandMarkets in its recent market research report.