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The Growth and Earning Thesis of ServiceNow Inc. (NOW) Stock

ServiceNow Inc. (NYSE: NOW) published its second-quarter earnings report last week. The business exceeded Wall Street’s revenue and profit projections, but the stock fell as investors were unhappy with the cut in full-year guidance.

ServiceNow’s management has reduced its revenue projection for its main business (subscription services), which accounts for around 95% of total revenue. Subscription income is likely to increase by roughly 24 percent for the whole year, compared to an earlier prediction of 28 percent.

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Investors reacted by decreasing estimates, despite the fact that ServiceNow’s analysis demonstrates that the decrease in prediction is related to the impact of currency changes rather than slower growth. Revenue will increase by the previously predicted 28 percent in constant currency.

ServiceNow Inc. (NOW) cloud services organize and turn unstructured data into intelligent, automated workflows. This approach enables businesses to save expenses, optimize operations, and extend and upgrade hybrid and remote worker platforms.

ServiceNow is used by over 80% of Fortune 500 firms, and the company continues to acquire significant customers that sign yearly contracts worth more than $1 million. The contract renewal rate for ServiceNow surpasses 99 percent.

Despite the fact that many clients have experienced macroeconomic difficulties, management stated that they have not abandoned ServiceNow Inc. (NOW) services. On the contrary, such services assist in running a more effective firm amid challenging circumstances.

ServiceNow Inc. (NOW) further stated that constant gross and operating margins are a type of assurance that the firm would be able to withstand even more difficult economic situations. The gross subscription margin is forecast to increase to 86 percent for the whole year, while the operating margin will stay at 25 percent. ServiceNow has affirmed that yearly sales would increase at least 22.5 percent from 2021 to 2026, surpassing $16 billion at the conclusion of that time period.

As a result, ServiceNow Inc. (NOW) does not anticipate a major drop in constant currency sales. The company continues to benefit from a digital change in business, and there is a sufficient margin of safety to overcome the predicted negative macroeconomic trends.

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