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Is There Any Reason As To Why The Sera Prognostics (SERA) Stock Expanded By 15%?

Following the announcement of a collaborative agreement, shares of Sera Prognostics Inc. (Nasdaq: SERA) were up 14.87% to trade at $1.39 in the open market at the time of the last check.

Who will SERA work with in tandem?

Yesterday, Sera Prognostics (SERA) announced a partnership with Fors Marsh, a business that uses market research to provide solutions to challenging problems. Beginning on January 1, 2023, Sera Prognostics will offer its PreTRM Test to Fors Marsh workers as a part of their maternity benefits.

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In asymptomatic, singleton pregnancies, the PreTRM Test is the only widely clinically proven, commercially accessible blood-based test that gives an early, individual risk assessment for spontaneous preterm delivery. Sera’s PreTRM Test predicts the likelihood of spontaneous preterm birth in approximately 90% of pregnancies, allowing for earlier proactive intervention to enhance the health of women and newborns.

To create solutions that enhance behavior and have a beneficial impact on people and the environment, Fors Marsh believes in fostering innovation that is informed by empathy and supported by data. In order to do this, offering cutting-edge technology to help prevent preterm births within their community improves health outcomes, lowers the cost of high-risk maternity care, and brings health equity to a diverse workforce, strengthening a sense of belonging at work.

Fors Marsh was inspired to contribute to reducing the detrimental health and financial effects of preterm delivery because it is a serious health problem that affects many families. SERA’s PreTRM Test was able to do this. The biomarkers were shown to be predictive of very early preterm birth of any origin, length of neonatal hospital stay, and neonatal morbidity and death in a later sizable prospective U.S. research called the Multicenter Assessment of a Spontaneous Preterm Birth Risk Predictor (TREETOP).

How is SERA changing things?

In the Proteomic Assessment of Preterm Risk (PAPR) project, Sera Prognostics (SERA) developed and validated the PreTRM Test for the prediction of spontaneous preterm birth (sPTB). PreTRM Test prediction accuracy for women whose due dates are more accurately confirmed by ultrasound improved, according to data published in May 2022. The study discovered that in a heterogeneous population, SERA’s PreTRM test-and-treat technique predicts substantial clinical and financial improvements in newborn and mother outcomes.

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