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Pop Culture Group (CPOP) Stock Jumped 7% In Wednesday’s Extended Trades, Why?

Shares of Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: CPOP), which just announced the organizing of a large event, was up 7.49% at $0.86 at the time of our last check in after-hours trading.

What event has CPOP participated in?

The 2023 Chinese New Year launch conference (the “Conference”) will be held in the COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage Limited Beijing facility (the “CLB Beijing Factory”) on October 26, 2022, thanks to assistance from Pop Culture Group (CPOP), the company said on Tuesday. CBL is a partnership between the Coca-Cola Company and China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs (“COFCO”), two Fortune 500 firms. COFCO leads the Chinese market with its food-making, processing, and trading strategies.

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Pop Culture Group appointed a committed team to plan, develop, and coordinate all aspects of the Conference, including setting up the venue and creating the conference materials. The Conference’s subject was “Keep the Righteousness and Innovation, Work Hard, and Go Forward with Courage,” and it was concurrently streamed live in 23 sub-locations. The management, sales and marketing, and logistics support teams from the CLB Beijing Factory convened at the Conference to usher in a new era in 2023.

The CPOP team organized all of the conference activities, overcame all implementation-stage challenges, handled every detail, and created a variety of alternative emergency plans. Finally, CPOP assisted CLB Beijing Factory in holding the Conference effectively, and CLB Beijing Factory appreciated its work.

CPOP made an equity move:

This month, CPOP revealed that its joint venture, Shenzhen Jam Box Technology Co., Ltd. (“JBT”), had signed an equity investment agreement (the “Agreement”) with Nest Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Nest”), a specialized investment management firm specializing in high-net-worth clientele, family wealth management, and inheritance. JBT wants to establish itself as China’s first supplier of a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platform with a street dancing chain as its primary market.

In accordance with the Agreement, Nest has committed to spending RMB4 million (about US$575,000) to purchase a 10% ownership stake in JBT. With Nest’s assistance, Pop Culture Group’s (CPOP) subsidiary hopes to scale up its services, speed up the development of its SaaS platform, enhance user experience, and promote the use of business intelligence to hip hop and street dance.

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