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Why Is SeqLL (SQL) Stock Price Skyrocketing This Pre-Hours Session?

Following the announcement of an important agreement, SeqLL Inc. (NASDAQ: SQL) shares were up 242.59% in pre-market trading at the last check to $1.85. This surge in share price is a reflection of investors’ confidence in the company’s long-term success as a result of the agreement.

Which agreement has SQL announced?

The US Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has signed a two-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with SeqLL (SQL). Through this CRADA, SeqLL and FBI Laboratory Division (FBI LD) will evaluate and determine the forensic capabilities of SQL’s True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS) platform for direct RNA sequencing.

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The partnership between SeqLL and the FBI LD will enable them to collaborate in order to assess and validate the accuracy of the tSMS platform for direct RNA sequencing, allowing for more effective analysis in forensic investigations.

The FBI conducts research and development activities as a recognized federal laboratory. As part of the CRADA, the FBI LD, which collects, analyses, and shares timely scientific and technical information within the Scientific and Technology Branch, will receive support.

With the goal of developing an assay for forensic body fluid identification that will not compromise traditional STR or DNA sequence analysis, FBI LD and SQL will collaborate. To further develop laboratory capabilities, the FBI is using the CRADA mechanism for the first time.

Through CRADAs, resources and expertise can be shared to advance the FBI mission through collaborative research. It is likely that body fluid identification can provide investigative context and prove useful to forensic investigators. FBI and SQL will collaborate to assess how this capability could be used in forensic cases.

How will SQL evolve?

With the FBI LD, SeqLL (SQL) will be able to develop forensic applications methodically utilizing SQL’s technology thanks to its motivated and knowledgeable partner. SQL acknowledged the opportunity this CRADA provides as the collaboration will help SQL demonstrate how single-molecule, PCR-free approaches are suitable for this application. The collaboration between the FBI LD and SeqLL will allow for the engineering and optimization of forensic technologies previously unattainable, enabling safer and more efficient tools for law enforcement.

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