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Telesis Bio (TBIO): The Revolutionizing Automated Solutions Shipment Drove The Stock After-Hours

During after-hours trading, Telesis Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: TBIO) experienced a significant increase in its stock price, with shares rising by 15.61% to reach $2.37. In the previous session, TBIO’s stock closed at $2.05, marking a modest increase of 0.99% or $0.02.

The surge in the stock price of this prominent provider of automated multi-omic and synthetic biology solutions followed the announcement of its first commercial shipment.

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What Are The Shipments That TBIO Has Made?

Telesis Bio (TBIO) has announced a groundbreaking development in its BioXp platform. The company’s new BioXp NGS Library Prep kit for Plasmid Sequencing provides researchers with on-demand and automated library preparation of plasmid DNA for next-generation sequencing applications.

This innovation is expected to significantly reduce hands-on time, cost, and steps involved in NGS Library Preparation, empowering researchers to accelerate their time to answer and enhancing accessibility to Next-Generation Sequencing.

Streamlining Discovery Workflows

Telesis Bio’s BioXp NGS Library Prep kit marks a major milestone in the evolution of the BioXp System. With this new automation capability, researchers can now benefit from a complete solution in synthetic biology and genomics workflows.

The company’s plans to expand capabilities for NGS Library Preparation, DNA synthesis, and mRNA synthesis in 2023 further solidify its position as an integrated workflow solution provider for various discovery processes.

By automating molecular biology workstations, Telesis Bio aims to streamline synthetic biology and multiomic applications throughout the discovery phase. This transformation offers significant efficiencies and time savings for researchers, ultimately accelerating the overall discovery process.

The reduction in hands-on time and cost associated with sample preparation methods opens up new opportunities in vaccine manufacturing, gene therapy, and other R&D applications.

Showcasing Transformative Solutions

Telesis Bio recently showcased its benchtop automation solutions for DNA and mRNA synthesis at the Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS Boston 2023). The event provided a platform for the company to demonstrate its commitment to overcoming synthesis bottlenecks in discovery workflows and enabling rapid candidate screening and evaluation.

With the award-winning BioXp system and associated synthesis kits, Telesis Bio offers researchers the ability to perform on-demand and automated synthesis of DNA and mRNA. This process, which can be initiated from a customer’s sequence, linear DNA, or plasmid DNA, drastically reduces the time required to build constructs of interest. In a matter of days, researchers can achieve what would typically take weeks or even months using traditional methods.

Investment Potential

Telesis Bio’s pioneering advancements in automated multi-omic and synthetic biology solutions present significant investment potential for retail investors. The BioXp platform’s ability to accelerate drug discovery, particularly in the areas of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines, antibody discovery and engineering, and cell-based immunotherapies, positions the company at the forefront of innovation in the life sciences industry.

By addressing synthesis bottlenecks and enabling faster candidate screening and evaluation, Telesis Bio (TBIO) is poised to capture a substantial market share. The growing demand for efficient and cost-effective discovery workflows in sectors such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals provides a promising growth trajectory for the company.

Additionally, the expansion of TBIO’s capabilities for NGS Library Preparation, DNA synthesis, and mRNA synthesis further diversifies its product offerings, allowing the company to cater to a broader customer base.

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